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April 1st, 2023

Teaming up with Whitby Sea Salt

Special Edition Whitby Sea Salt available via Whitby Lobster Hatchery

Whitby Sea Salt are very happy to produce this Special Edition for Whitby Lobster Hatchery who are doing fantastic conservation work with local Marine Life. 

This Special Edition is lower in cost and smaller in size. Whitby Sea Salt 100g and Whitby Proper Vinegar 150ml but they still pack the same great tastes and textures, you'll love on your fish 'n' chips and much more. 

Buying this Special Edition from Whitby Lobster Hatchery will help fund their conservation work and restock local Marine Life which will in turn help local fishermen, local restaurants, seafood outlets and the local economy. 

Do your bit, buy the Whitby Lobster Hatchery Special Edition. 


Visit www.whitbyseasalt-ltd.co.uk where you can find out about all their passion for Sea Salt and Whitby's coastal community.

As a small family run business our aim is to produce Whitby Sea Salt using the most environmentally friendly methods available. Years of research and testing has lead us to use solar evaporation producing the most natural, environmentally friendly salt crystals. Our minimal impact on the environment is continued into our Whitby Sea Salt packaging which is 100% plastic free and is designed and manufactured to be 100% recyclable. We are passionate about maintaining the beautiful environment that we live in.

Whitby Sea Salt is made up of naturally formed crystals, sourced entirely from Whitby's historic coastline. Whitby's history is enthralling and rich, making it a destination loved by many. Whitby's coast is abundant with sea life such as dolphins, porpoises, seals, 'sharks' and a wide variety of fish and molluscs. Helping Whitby to gain its reputation for amazing sea food and one of the best destinations for fish and chips in the country.

Our Whitby Sea Salt is made using centuries old methods of only the wind and the sun, ensuring all the minerals found in the sea are retained in the salt. The whole process from the collection in the sea to the production of the salt is done by hand, producing a distinct salt worthy of its seafaring heritage.

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